Poland: Earnings during sickness calculator
Calculator of the earnings in Poland during illness.

Basic salary and dismissal period

Gross earnings
Number of days absent (including weekend)
Reason for absence

Amount due for absence

The dismissal period is
The base for earnings (and/or allowance) for selected period
1 400
The amount paid by the employer
1 120
The amount paid by ZUS (insurance)
The gross amount for the exemption period is
1 120


When an employee is ill:
  • The first 33 days of absence - paid by the employer. Employer pays salary (reduced depending on the exact reason for absence according to the rules below).
  • 34-th day of absence and following days - paid by ZUS (insurance). ZUS starts to pay "sickness allowance" (pl: "zasiłek chorobowy").
Depending on the exact reason for absence, the employee receives:
  • if it's a disease, that does not require hospitalization - both employer and ZUS (insurance) pays 80% of gross salary,
  • hospitalization - employer pays 80% of gross salary for the first 33 days. After that period ZUS starts to pay sickness allowance of 70% of gross salary,
  • pregnancy, occupational disease, accident at work or on the way to work - 100% of gross salary.

Some facts

  • The calculator works according to the rules that have been in effect since 2003.01.01. Before that date, the employer's pay period was 35 days. From that day it is 33 days. There are discussions about shortening this period even to 14 days.
  • Since 2009.02.01 there is an additional rule: the pay period of the employer is only 14 days if employee is 50 years old or more. After this period ZUS (insurance) starts to pay sickness allowance. Unfortunately, this calculator does not consider this rule.

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