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More than 170 restivity units. Here you found common units such as ohm times metre (Ω × m) or ohm times inch (Ω × inch), but also less known for example statohm times inch (statohm × inch).

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1 (ohm times meter) is equal to:


(plain text)
ohm times meterShow sourceΩ×m\Omega \times mΩ × m1
ohm times centimeterShow sourceΩ×cm\Omega \times cmΩ × cm100
ohm times inchShow sourceΩ×in\Omega \times inΩ × in39.37007874

(plain text)
ohm times gigameterShow sourceΩ×Gm\Omega \times GmΩ × Gm1×10-9
ohm times megameterShow sourceΩ×Mm\Omega \times MmΩ × Mm0.000001
ohm times kilometerShow sourceΩ×km\Omega \times kmΩ × km0.001
ohm times meterShow sourceΩ×m\Omega \times mΩ × m1
ohm times decimeterShow sourceΩ×dm\Omega \times dmΩ × dm10
ohm times centimeterShow sourceΩ×cm\Omega \times cmΩ × cm100
ohm times milimeterShow sourceΩ×mm\Omega \times mmΩ × mm1000
ohm times micrometer (micron)Show sourceΩ×μm\Omega \times \mu mΩ × µm1000000
ohm times nanometerShow sourceΩ×nm\Omega \times nmΩ × nm1000000000
ohm times angstromShow sourceΩ×A˚\Omega \times \text{Å}Ω × Å10000000000
ohm times nanometerShow sourceΩ×pm\Omega \times pmΩ × pm1×1012
ohm times femtometerShow sourceΩ×fm\Omega \times fmΩ × fm1×1015
ohm times attometerShow sourceΩ×am\Omega \times amΩ × am1×1018
miliohm times gigameterShow sourcemΩ×Gmm\Omega \times GmmΩ × Gm0.000001
miliohm times megameterShow sourcemΩ×Mmm\Omega \times MmmΩ × Mm0.001
miliohm times kilometerShow sourcemΩ×kmm\Omega \times kmmΩ × km1
miliohm times meterShow sourcemΩ×mm\Omega \times mmΩ × m1000
miliohm times decimeterShow sourcemΩ×dmm\Omega \times dmmΩ × dm10000
miliohm times centimeterShow sourcemΩ×cmm\Omega \times cmmΩ × cm100000
miliohm times milimeterShow sourcemΩ×mmm\Omega \times mmmΩ × mm1000000
miliohm times micrometer (micron)Show sourcemΩ×μmm\Omega \times \mu mmΩ × µm1000000000
miliohm times nanometerShow sourcemΩ×nmm\Omega \times nmmΩ × nm1×1012
miliohm times angstromShow sourcemΩ×A˚m\Omega \times \text{Å}mΩ × Å1×1013
miliohm times nanometerShow sourcemΩ×pmm\Omega \times pmmΩ × pm1×1015
miliohm times femtometerShow sourcemΩ×fmm\Omega \times fmmΩ × fm1×1018
miliohm times attometerShow sourcemΩ×amm\Omega \times ammΩ × am1×1021
microohm times gigameterShow sourceμΩ×Gm\mu \Omega \times GmµΩ × Gm0.001
microohm times megameterShow sourceμΩ×Mm\mu \Omega \times MmµΩ × Mm1
microohm times kilometerShow sourceμΩ×km\mu \Omega \times kmµΩ × km1000
microohm times meterShow sourceμΩ×m\mu \Omega \times mµΩ × m1000000
microohm times decimeterShow sourceμΩ×dm\mu \Omega \times dmµΩ × dm10000000
microohm times centimeterShow sourceμΩ×cm\mu \Omega \times cmµΩ × cm100000000
microohm times milimeterShow sourceμΩ×mm\mu \Omega \times mmµΩ × mm1000000000
microohm times micrometer (micron)Show sourceμΩ×μm\mu \Omega \times \mu mµΩ × µm1×1012
microohm times nanometerShow sourceμΩ×nm\mu \Omega \times nmµΩ × nm1×1015
microohm times angstromShow sourceμΩ×A˚\mu \Omega \times \text{Å}µΩ × Å1×1016
microohm times nanometerShow sourceμΩ×pm\mu \Omega \times pmµΩ × pm1×1018
microohm times femtometerShow sourceμΩ×fm\mu \Omega \times fmµΩ × fm1×1021
microohm times attometerShow sourceμΩ×am\mu \Omega \times amµΩ × am1×1024
stat (ESU) times gigameterShow sourcestatohm×Gmstatohm \times Gmstatohm × Gm1.112650277×10-21
stat (ESU) times megameterShow sourcestatohm×Mmstatohm \times Mmstatohm × Mm1.112650277×10-18
stat (ESU) times kilometerShow sourcestatohm×kmstatohm \times kmstatohm × km1.112650277×10-15
stat (ESU) times meterShow sourcestatohm×mstatohm \times mstatohm × m1.112650277×10-12
stat (ESU) times decimeterShow sourcestatohm×dmstatohm \times dmstatohm × dm1.112650277×10-11
stat (ESU) times centimeterShow sourcestatohm×cmstatohm \times cmstatohm × cm1.112650277×10-10
stat (ESU) times milimeterShow sourcestatohm×mmstatohm \times mmstatohm × mm1.112650277×10-9
stat (ESU) times micrometer (micron)Show sourcestatohm×μmstatohm \times \mu mstatohm × µm0.000001113
stat (ESU) times nanometerShow sourcestatohm×nmstatohm \times nmstatohm × nm0.00111265
stat (ESU) times angstromShow sourcestatohm×A˚statohm \times \text{Å}statohm × Å0.011126503
stat (ESU) times nanometerShow sourcestatohm×pmstatohm \times pmstatohm × pm1.112650277
stat (ESU) times femtometerShow sourcestatohm×fmstatohm \times fmstatohm × fm1112.65027733
stat (ESU) times attometerShow sourcestatohm×amstatohm \times amstatohm × am1112650.27733
ab (EMU) times gigameterShow sourceabohm×Gmabohm \times Gmabohm × Gm1
ab (EMU) times megameterShow sourceabohm×Mmabohm \times Mmabohm × Mm1000
ab (EMU) times kilometerShow sourceabohm×kmabohm \times kmabohm × km1000000
ab (EMU) times meterShow sourceabohm×mabohm \times mabohm × m1000000000
ab (EMU) times decimeterShow sourceabohm×dmabohm \times dmabohm × dm10000000000
ab (EMU) times centimeterShow sourceabohm×cmabohm \times cmabohm × cm100000000000
ab (EMU) times milimeterShow sourceabohm×mmabohm \times mmabohm × mm1×1012
ab (EMU) times micrometer (micron)Show sourceabohm×μmabohm \times \mu mabohm × µm1×1015
ab (EMU) times nanometerShow sourceabohm×nmabohm \times nmabohm × nm1×1018
ab (EMU) times angstromShow sourceabohm×A˚abohm \times \text{Å}abohm × Å1×1019
ab (EMU) times nanometerShow sourceabohm×pmabohm \times pmabohm × pm1×1021
ab (EMU) times femtometerShow sourceabohm×fmabohm \times fmabohm × fm1×1024
ab (EMU) times attometerShow sourceabohm×amabohm \times amabohm × am1×1027

(plain text)
ohm times leagueShow source--0.000207124
ohm times mileShow sourceΩ×mi\Omega \times miΩ × mi0.000621371
ohm times furlongShow source--0.00497097
ohm times chainShow source--0.049709695
ohm times rodShow sourceΩ×rd\Omega \times rdΩ × rd0.198838782
ohm times fathomShow sourceΩ×fm\Omega \times fmΩ × fm0.546806649
ohm times yardShow sourceΩ×yd\Omega \times ydΩ × yd1.093613298
ohm times footShow sourceΩ×ft\Omega \times ftΩ × ft3.280839895
ohm times linkShow sourceΩ×li\Omega \times liΩ × li4.970969538
ohm times handShow source--13.440860215
ohm times inchShow sourceΩ×in\Omega \times inΩ × in39.37007874
ohm times lineShow source--472.440944882
miliohm times leagueShow source--0.207123731
miliohm times mileShow sourcemΩ×mim\Omega \times mimΩ × mi0.621371192
miliohm times furlongShow source--4.970969538
miliohm times chainShow source--49.709695379
miliohm times rodShow sourcemΩ×rdm\Omega \times rdmΩ × rd198.838781516
miliohm times fathomShow sourcemΩ×fmm\Omega \times fmmΩ × fm546.806649169
miliohm times yardShow sourcemΩ×ydm\Omega \times ydmΩ × yd1093.61329834
miliohm times footShow sourcemΩ×ftm\Omega \times ftmΩ × ft3280.83989501
miliohm times linkShow sourcemΩ×lim\Omega \times limΩ × li4970.9695379
miliohm times handShow source--13440.8602151
miliohm times inchShow sourcemΩ×inm\Omega \times inmΩ × in39370.0787402
miliohm times lineShow source--472440.944882
microohm times leagueShow source--207.123730746
microohm times mileShow sourceμΩ×mi\mu \Omega \times miµΩ × mi621.371192237
microohm times furlongShow source--4970.9695379
microohm times chainShow source--49709.695379
microohm times rodShow sourceμΩ×rd\mu \Omega \times rdµΩ × rd198838.781516
microohm times fathomShow sourceμΩ×fm\mu \Omega \times fmµΩ × fm546806.649169
microohm times yardShow sourceμΩ×yd\mu \Omega \times ydµΩ × yd1093613.29834
microohm times footShow sourceμΩ×ft\mu \Omega \times ftµΩ × ft3280839.89501
microohm times linkShow sourceμΩ×li\mu \Omega \times liµΩ × li4970969.5379
microohm times handShow source--13440860.2151
microohm times inchShow sourceμΩ×in\mu \Omega \times inµΩ × in39370078.7402
microohm times lineShow source--472440944.882
stat (ESU) times leagueShow source--2.304562765×10-16
stat (ESU) times mileShow sourcestatohm×mistatohm \times mistatohm × mi6.913688294×10-16
stat (ESU) times furlongShow source--5.530950635×10-15
stat (ESU) times chainShow source--5.530950635×10-14
stat (ESU) times rodShow sourcestatohm×rdstatohm \times rdstatohm × rd2.212380254×10-13
stat (ESU) times fathomShow sourcestatohm×fmstatohm \times fmstatohm × fm6.084045698×10-13
stat (ESU) times yardShow sourcestatohm×ydstatohm \times ydstatohm × yd1.21680914×10-12
stat (ESU) times footShow sourcestatohm×ftstatohm \times ftstatohm × ft3.650427419×10-12
stat (ESU) times linkShow sourcestatohm×listatohm \times listatohm × li5.530950635×10-12
stat (ESU) times handShow source--1.495497685×10-11
stat (ESU) times inchShow sourcestatohm×instatohm \times instatohm × in4.380512903×10-11
stat (ESU) times lineShow source--5.256615483×10-10
ab (EMU) times leagueShow source--207123.730746
ab (EMU) times mileShow sourceabohm×miabohm \times miabohm × mi621371.192237
ab (EMU) times furlongShow source--4970969.5379
ab (EMU) times chainShow source--49709695.379
ab (EMU) times rodShow sourceabohm×rdabohm \times rdabohm × rd198838781.516
ab (EMU) times fathomShow sourceabohm×fmabohm \times fmabohm × fm546806649.169
ab (EMU) times yardShow sourceabohm×ydabohm \times ydabohm × yd1093613298.34
ab (EMU) times footShow sourceabohm×ftabohm \times ftabohm × ft3280839895.01
ab (EMU) times linkShow sourceabohm×liabohm \times liabohm × li4970969537.9
ab (EMU) times handShow source--13440860215.1
ab (EMU) times inchShow sourceabohm×inabohm \times inabohm × in39370078740.2
ab (EMU) times lineShow source--472440944882

(plain text)
ohm times parsecShow sourceΩ×pc\Omega \times pcΩ × pc3.240755744×10-17
ohm times light yearShow sourceΩ×ly\Omega \times lyΩ × ly1.056970722×10-16
ohm times light minuteShow source--5.559401735×10-11
ohm times light secondShow source--3.335640952×10-9
ohm times astronomical unitShow sourceΩ×au\Omega \times auΩ × au6.684587154×10-12
miliohm times parsecShow sourcemΩ×pcm\Omega \times pcmΩ × pc3.240755744×10-14
miliohm times light yearShow sourcemΩ×lym\Omega \times lymΩ × ly1.056970722×10-13
miliohm times light minuteShow source--5.559401735×10-8
miliohm times light secondShow source--0.000003336
miliohm times astronomical unitShow sourcemΩ×aum\Omega \times aumΩ × au6.684587154×10-9
microohm times parsecShow sourceμΩ×pc\mu \Omega \times pcµΩ × pc3.240755744×10-11
microohm times light yearShow sourceμΩ×ly\mu \Omega \times lyµΩ × ly1.056970722×10-10
microohm times light minuteShow source--0.000055594
microohm times light secondShow source--0.003335641
microohm times astronomical unitShow sourceμΩ×au\mu \Omega \times auµΩ × au0.000006685
stat (ESU) times parsecShow sourcestatohm×pcstatohm \times pcstatohm × pc3.605827778×10-29
stat (ESU) times light yearShow sourcestatohm×lystatohm \times lystatohm × ly1.176038767×10-28
stat (ESU) times light minuteShow source--6.185669882×10-23
stat (ESU) times light secondShow source--3.71140183×10-21
stat (ESU) times astronomical unitShow sourcestatohm×austatohm \times austatohm × au7.43760775×10-24
ab (EMU) times parsecShow sourceabohm×pcabohm \times pcabohm × pc3.240755744×10-8
ab (EMU) times light yearShow sourceabohm×lyabohm \times lyabohm × ly1.056970722×10-7
ab (EMU) times light minuteShow source--0.055594017
ab (EMU) times light secondShow source--3.335640952
ab (EMU) times astronomical unitShow sourceabohm×auabohm \times auabohm × au0.006684587

(plain text)
ohm times sea leagueShow source--0.000179986
ohm times sea mileShow sourceΩ×nmi\Omega \times nmiΩ × nmi0.000539957
ohm times cabelShow source--0.005399568
ohm times british cabelShow source--0.005396118
ohm times US cabelShow source--0.004556722
miliohm times sea leagueShow source--0.179985601
miliohm times sea mileShow sourcemΩ×nmim\Omega \times nmimΩ × nmi0.539956803
miliohm times cabelShow source--5.399568035
miliohm times british cabelShow source--5.396118248
miliohm times US cabelShow source--4.556722076
microohm times sea leagueShow source--179.985601152
microohm times sea mileShow sourceμΩ×nmi\mu \Omega \times nmiµΩ × nmi539.956803456
microohm times cabelShow source--5399.56803456
microohm times british cabelShow source--5396.11824838
microohm times US cabelShow source--4556.72207641
stat (ESU) times sea leagueShow source--2.00261029×10-16
stat (ESU) times sea mileShow sourcestatohm×nmistatohm \times nmistatohm × nmi6.007830871×10-16
stat (ESU) times cabelShow source--6.007830871×10-15
stat (ESU) times british cabelShow source--6.003992466×10-15
stat (ESU) times US cabelShow source--5.070038082×10-15
ab (EMU) times sea leagueShow source--179985.601152
ab (EMU) times sea mileShow sourceabohm×nmiabohm \times nmiabohm × nmi539956.803456
ab (EMU) times cabelShow source--5399568.03456
ab (EMU) times british cabelShow source--5396118.24838
ab (EMU) times US cabelShow source--4556722.07641

Some facts

  • Resistivity is a property of a given material (substance).
  • Resistivity determines the ability to conduct an electric current. Higher resistivity means, that the material conducts electric current worse.
  • Resistivity is usually marked with a small Greek letter ρ\rho (read as "rho").
  • The basic SI unit of resistivity is ohm times metre:
    Ω×m\Omega \times m
  • If we have a conductor with given dimensions and known material resistivity, then we can calculate its total electric resistance:
    R=ρlAR = \dfrac{\rho \cdot l}{A}
    • RR - wire resistance as a whole, this value should be shown by an ohmmeter applied to the two ends of the wire,
    • ρ\rho - material resistivity from which the conductor (wire) is made,
    • ll - the length of the wire,
    • AA - cross-sectional area of the conductor (wire).

  • The resistivity, depends on the type of material, but also depends on temperature. The parameter describing how easy given material changes resistance when changing temperature is the temperature coefficient of resistance α\alpha.
  • The temperature coefficient tells us how much the conductor resistance will change when we change the temperature by one Kelvin.
  • If we know the resistance of the conductor at a given temperature (the so-called reference temperature) and we have the temperature coefficient of the material from which that conductor is made, we can calculate its resistance at another temperature:
    RT=R0(1+αΔT)R_T = R_0(1 + \alpha \cdot \Delta T)
    • RTR_T – wire resistance at temperature TT,
    • R0R_0 – wire resistance at known (reference) temperature T0T_0
    • α\alpha – temperature coefficient of resistance,
    • ΔT\Delta T – temperature change TT0T-T_0 in Kelvins.

How to convert

  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.

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