Disk: area and circumference
Common calculations related to disk (wheel, circle). Calculate circle's area or radius or circumference.

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Circumference (L)
Area (S)
Radius (R)

Result: Circumference (L)

Used formulaL = 2pi * R
Numerical result6.2832
Result step by step
12 pi * 1Collected and combined like terms
22 piResult
Numerical result step by step
12 * 3.141592653589793Simplify arithmetic

Result: Area (S)

Used formulaS = pi * R^2
Numerical result3.141592653589793
Result step by step
1pi * 1 ^ 2Simplify arithmetic
2pi * 1Rearrange coefficents
Numerical result step by step

Some facts

  • The disk (wheel) is a set of points on the plane whose distance from the center of the disk is less or equal to its radius.
  • The disk is a flat figure.
  • There are two parameters defining the disk (wheel) in the unique way: center of the disk and its radius.
  • The area of the disk depends on its radius and can be computed using formula:
    S=πR2S = \pi R^2
    • S - disk area,
    • R - radius,
    • π\pi - constant, that approximates 3.14.
  • Circumference of the disk with radius R is:
    L=2πRL = 2\pi R
    • L - circumference of disk or circle,
    • R - radius,
    • π\pi - constant, that approximates 3.14.
  • For each disk (wheel) the ratio of its circumference to diameter is constant. This constant is denoted by greek leter π and is approximately 3.14.

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