Volume units converter
Converter of volume units (also capacity units). Supports 110+ different units used over the world. Gallons, litres, cubic meters, pints, barrels and 100+ other !

Inputs data - value and unit, which we're going to convert

1 (cubic metre) is equal to:


(plain text)
cubic kilometreShow sourcekm3km^3km³1×10-9
cubic metreShow sourcem3m^31
cubic decimetreShow sourcedm3dm^3dm³1000
cubic centimetreShow sourcecm3cm^3cm³1000000
cubic milimetreShow sourcemm3mm^3mm³1000000000
cubic micrometreShow sourceμm3\mu m^3µm³1×1018
cubic nanometreShow sourcenm3nm^3nm³1×1027
cubic picometreShow sourcepm3pm^3pm³1×1036
cubic femtometreShow sourcefm3fm^3fm³1×1045
cubic attometreShow sourceam3am^3am³1×1054

metric litres

(plain text)
gigalitreShow sourceGlGlGl0.000001
megalitreShow sourceMlMlMl0.001
kilolitreShow sourceklklkl1
hectolitreShow sourcehlhlhl10
litreShow sourcelll1000
decilitreShow sourcedldldl10000
centilitreShow sourceclclcl100000
mililitreShow sourcemlmlml1000000
microlitreShow sourceμl\mu lµl1000000000
nanolitreShow sourcenlnlnl1×1012
picolitreShow sourceplplpl1×1015
femtolitreShow sourceflflfl1×1018
attolitreShow sourcealalal1×1021

metric other

(plain text)
lambdaShow sourceλ\lambdaλ1000000000
drop (metric)Show source12000000
drop (medical)Show source200000000

US & imperial (common)

(plain text)
acre-footShow sourceac×ftac \times ftac ft0.000810713
acre-inchShow sourceac×inac \times inac inch0.009728558
board-footShow sourcefbmfbmfbm423.776000658
beer gallonShow sourcegalbeergal_{\text{beer}}beer gal216.396255655
cord (firewood)Show source0.275895834
cord-footShow source2.20716667
cubic inchShow sourcein3in^3cu in61023.7440947
cubic fathomShow sourcefm3fm^3cu fm0.163493827
cubic footShow sourceft3ft^3cu ft35.314666721
cubic mileShow sourcemi3mi^3cu mi2.399127586×10-10
cubic yardShow sourceyd3yd^3cu yd1.307950619
displacement tonShow source1.008990478
freight tonShow source0.882866668
loadShow source0.706293334
perchShow sourceperperper1.426855221
register tonShow source0.353146667
timber footShow source35.314666721

US Liquid (fluid)

(plain text)
dashShow source32461461.7938
fluid dram, fluidramShow sourcefl dr\text{fl dr}fl dr270512.181615
gallonShow sourcegalUSgal_{US}gal(US)264.172052358
gillShow sourcegiUSgi_{US}gi(US)8453.50567546
fifthShow source1320.86026179
minimShow sourceminminmin16230730.8969
pinchShow source16230730.8969
pintShow sourceptptpt2113.37641887
quartShow sourceqtqtqt1056.68820943
fluid onceShow sourceUS fl oz\text{US fl oz}US fl oz33814.0227018
ponyShow source450853.636025
shotShow source338140.227018
jiggerShow source225426.818012
barrelShow sourcefl bl\text{fl bl}fl bl8.386414361
drop (alt)Show sourcegttgttgtt154191944.701
dropShow sourcegttgttgtt121730481.727
barrel (petroleum)Show sourceblblbl, bll6.28981077
hogsheadShow sourcehhdhhdhhd4.19320718

US Dry

(plain text)
pintShow sourceptptpt1816.16596854
quartShow sourceqtqtqt908.082984269
gallonShow sourcegalgalgal227.020746067
peckShow sourcepkpkpk113.510373034
bushel (level)Show sourcebu (lvl)\text{bu (lvl)}bu (lvl)28.377593258
bushel (heaped)Show sourcebububu22.702074607
sackShow source14.188796629
strikeShow source9.459197753
barrelShow sourceblblbl8.648409374
firkinShow source29.352450262
weyShow source0.709439831
seamShow source3.547199157

Imperial (British)

(plain text)
minimShow sourceminminmin168936382.694
dashShow source27029821.231
pinchShow source13514910.6155
fluid scrupleShow sourcefl s\text{fl s}fl s8446819.13473
fluid drachmShow sourcefl dr\text{fl dr}fl dr2815606.37823
dessert spoonShow source844681.913473
gill, nogginShow sourcegigigi70390.1594557
fluid onceShow sourcefl oz\text{fl oz}fl oz35195.0797279
pintShow sourceptptpt1759.75398639
quartShow sourceqtqtqt879.876993196
gallonShow sourcegalgalgal219.969248299
strikeShow source13.748078019
peckShow sourcepkpkpk109.98462415
bucketShow sourcebktbktbkt54.992312075
sack, bagShow source9.165385346
barrelShow sourceblblbl6.110256897
drop (alt)Show sourcegttgttgtt128391651.646
dropShow sourcegttgttgtt101361829.616
breakfast cupShow source35195.0797279
pottle, quarternShow source439.938496598
bushelShow sourcebububu27.496156037
kilderkinShow source12.220513794
coombShow source6.874039009
quarter, pailShow source3.437019505
hogsheadShow sourcehhdhhdhhd3.055128449
water tonShow source0.982005573
lastShow source0.34370195


(plain text)
Teaspoon (Canadian)Show sourcetsptsptsp211170.478367
Teaspoon (US)Show sourcetsptsptsp202884.13616
Teaspoon (Metric)Show source200000
Teaspoon (Imp)Show sourcetsptsptsp168936.382694
Tablespoon (Canadian)Show sourcetbsptbsptbsp70390.1594557
Tablespoon (US)Show sourcetbsptbsptbsp67628.045398
Tablespoon (Metric)Show source66666.6666667
Tablespoon (Imp)Show sourcetbsptbsptbsp56312.1275646
Cup (Canadian)Show sourceccc4399.38496598
Cup (US)Show sourceccc4226.75283773
Cup (Metric)Show source4000
Cup (Imp)Show sourceccc3519.50797279


(plain text)
butt, pipeShow sourcebuttbutt2.09660359
tunShow sourcetuntun1.048301795

Some facts

  • The volume is a measure of the space occupied by the body in three-dimensional space.
  • The basic volume unit in SI system is 1m3 (one cubic meter). However, it is rare used in everyday life. Most common units are - depending on region - liters and gallons.
  • The volume occupied by the body generally depends on external conditions (temperature, pressure). This fact must be taken into account, for example during the construction of bridges, where it is necessary to take into account the thermal expansion of metals.
  • the ideal gas state equation involves the volume occupied by the gas from its temperature and pressure. This equation is a good approximation to the behavior of real gases. The equation was formulated in the nineteenth century by Benoît Clapeyron. It takes the form:
    • p - pressure,
    • v - volume,
    • n - the number of moles of gas in the system,
    • T - temperature,
    • R - the gas constant amounting to 8,314J/(mol×K)8,314 J / (mol \times K).
  • Volume of many bodies can be computed from their dimensions. Examples are:
    • Volume of a cuboid:
      Vcuboid=a×b×hV_{cuboid} = a \times b \times h
      • a, b are, respectively, the dimensions of the base,
      • h is his height.
    • Volume of a cone:
      Vcone=13×S×hV_{cone} = \frac{1}{3} \times S \times h
      • S is a field base of the cone,
      • h is its height.
    • Volume of a cylinder:
      Vcylinder=π×R2×hV_{cylinder} = \pi \times R^2 \times h
      • h is the height of the cylinder,
      • R is a radius of the base.

  • Most formulas to compute volume can be derived using calculus.

How to convert

  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.

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