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In this category you'll find calculators helpful while running a household. Here you'll find how to decrease your electricity bills, calculate the cost of painting your room or learn how to read symbols printed on your car tires.
  • Cost of area
    Price of land, wall, tiling, etc.

    The cost-of-area calculator. It finds the price for a piece of land/property/flat/floor, a cost of painting the wall, a quantity of seed you need to plant your lawn... The expenditure of anything that depends on area in many different units!

  • Polish notarial wages calculator.

  • Property purchasing costs online calculator - polish only.

  • Online calculator of electric energy cost. First you set the price for a 1kWh (one kilo-watt). Then you specify all the electric devices you use, and how much of time they are used daily. The calculator computes the yearly, montly and daily usage of an electric energy, and its overall cost... This can be used for household computation, but also for any business costs estimation.

  • Compound interest
    inflations↔rate of return

    Calculator forecasts future value of your money after applying inflation and/or rate of interest.

  • Wedding anniversary
    paper↔cotton↔wood↔diamond↔golden anniversary etc.

    Put in your wedding date and Calculla will show you list of your wedding anniversaries.

  • Tyres codes - speed ratings
    width↔aspect ratio↔construction↔ diameter↔speed rating

    Table summarizes how to read speed ratings codes printed on tyres and more.

  • Tyres codes - load index
    width↔aspect ratio↔construction↔ diameter↔load index

    Table summarizes how to read load index codes printed on tyres and more.

  • Fuel consumption
    travel cost↔average fuel consumption↔how much to refuel?

    Calculator helps you with common calculations related to fuel cost and consumption. You will find out how much you spend on fuel, what is the average fuel consumption of your vehicle, how much you will spend on the journey in your car or how much fuel you should refuel in order to reach the goal etc.

  • Fuel consumption units
    9 fuel consumption units
    miles per gallon↔gallons per 100km etc.

    Fuel consumption units converter. Converts l/100km, miles/gallon and many other british, american and metric based units.

  • Shoe size
    various shoe size systems↔US↔UK↔EU↔CM etc.

    Comparision of different shoe size systems - European (EU), United Kingdom (UK, British), foot size in centimeters (CM) and few more.

  • Stop watch
    Stopwatch online↔timer↔time measure

    The stop watch online. Simply start the timer and catch your events with milisecond precision.

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