Fuel consumption units converter
Fuel consumption units converter. Converts l/100km, miles/gallon and many other british, american and metric based units.

Inputs data - value and unit, which we're going to convert

1 (liters per 100 kilometers) is equal to:

metric units

liters per kilometerl/km0.01
liters per 10 kilometersl/10km0.1
liters per 100 kilometersl/100km1
kilometers per literkm/l100

US units

miles per US gallonmpg(US)235.2145
US gallons per kilometergal/km(US)0.002641721
US gallons per 10 kilometersgal/10km(US)0.026417205
US gallons per 100 kilometersgal/100km(US)0.264172052

british units

miles per UK gallonmpg(UK)282.4808
miles per litermpl62.13711922
UK gallons per kilometersgal/km(UK)0.002199692
UK gallons per 10 kilometersgal/10km(UK)0.021996925
UK gallons per 100 kilometersgal/100km(UK)0.219969248

How to convert

  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.

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