PL: Table of "law interests"
PL: Table of "law interests"
Table shows rates of polish "interest by law". Both current and historical data are presented, including latest division into interest for delay, capital and interest for delay in commercial (new act from 2016 year).

Common sense tells

Starting from 2016, the rate of "law interest" in Poland depends on the nature of arrears.
Current rates are:
  • 7% in the case of interest for delay,
  • 5% in case of capital interest,
  • 9.5% in case of interest for delay in commercial transactions.
Above rates are valid from 2016-01-01.

Polish "law interest"

PeriodRate before 2016
Rate after 2016
(for delay)
Rate after 2016
(capital interest)
Rate after 2016
(for delay commercial)
from 1990-01-01720---
from 1990-02-01480---
from 1990-03-01216---
from 1990-04-01216---
from 1990-05-01144---
from 1990-07-0160---
from 1990-12-0190---
from 1991-03-01140---
from 1991-09-1580---
from 1992-08-1560---
from 1993-05-0154---
from 1995-12-1546---
from 1997-01-0135---
from 1998-04-1533---
from 1999-02-0124---
from 1999-05-1521---
from 2000-11-0130---
from 2001-12-1520---
from 2002-07-2516---
from 2003-02-0113---
from 2003-09-2512.25---
from 2005-01-1013.5---
from 2005-10-1511.5---
from 2008-12-1513---
from 2014-12-238---
from 2016-01-01-759.5

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