Calculators list - FINANCE
In this category you'll find calculators or tables related to finances or generally speaking money. Here you'll convert your gross salary to net one ("take home" earnings), check if it's more profitable to stay on employment or to become contractor with self-employment business or calculate how many days remain to your state pension age.
  • VAT (tax)
    net/gross amount & tax value

    Online VAT tax calculator (VAT is Value Added Tax). Computes net amount, gross amount and tax value depending of given tax rate (handles VAT for many countries and goods types). Really simple tax calculator !

  • Cost of area
    Price of land, wall, tiling, etc.

    The cost-of-area calculator. It finds the price for a piece of land/property/flat/floor, a cost of painting the wall, a quantity of seed you need to plant your lawn... The expenditure of anything that depends on area in many different units!

  • Loan
    loan payments interests

    Loan calculator - interest, monthly payments, principal part, one time fees. Amortizing and term loan considered.

  • Deposit (investment)
    interest, effective APR

    Deposit income calculator. Takes your investment amount, nominal annual interest rate, deposit time and some more settings and calculates your income. Shows period-by-period income capitalization/compound.

  • Polish salary #1 (yearly)
    salary, net earnings and taxes in Poland

    The take-home salary calculator for Poland. It takes your gross income and calculates all your take-home (netto) earnings month by month. It also displays all parts of salary: polish national insurance (ZUS), income taxes and other costs of working as an employee in Poland.

  • Polish earnings #2 (tax↔no tax)
    earnings brutto/netto in Poland

    The earnings, taxes and other costs of working as an employee in Poland. The easy conversion between brutto↔netto (tax↔no tax earnings).

  • Polish earnings #3 (written order)
    written order taxation in Poland

    Written order taxation calculator (Polish tax system only). Easy calculation of costs, and taxes. In Poland it is called "Umowa zlecenie".

  • This calculator computes the qualifying period of employment (work) in Poland, according to polish employment law. You enter employment start and end dates, then this calculator will display a number of years, months and days of employment.

  • Calculator of the earnings in Poland during illness.

  • Polish car travel in job
    Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments in Poland

    Online calculator for finding an amount of cash that can be repaid by an employer for using private car.

  • Online calculator for ZUS payments of a polish worker. For given gross earnings amount it computes all mandatory insurance contributions. It displays the part paid by the worker and also by the employer. All the values are given as Polish Zlotys and also as percentage.

  • Polish "interest by law" online calculator.

  • Polish "interest for late tax payment" online calculator.

  • Polish investments amortization online calculator.

  • Polish notarial wages calculator.

  • Property purchasing costs online calculator - polish only.

  • Is ID Number Correct
    iban, ean, issn, isbn

    The online calculator for checking correctness of ID numbers. It validates: IBAN (bank account number), EAN (article), ISBN (book), ISMN (music), ISSN (serial). Just enter the code (with or without any dots, spaces, slashes etc.) and in a moment you will know, if it is a valid code and which one of them.

  • Online calculator of electric energy cost. First you set the price for a 1kWh (one kilo-watt). Then you specify all the electric devices you use, and how much of time they are used daily. The calculator computes the yearly, montly and daily usage of an electric energy, and its overall cost... This can be used for household computation, but also for any business costs estimation.

  • Polish ZUS retirement
    for Poland citizens

    This online calculator computes the amount of pension received from Polish retirement institution called ZUS.

  • Polish OFE retirement
    for Poland citizens

    Online calculator computes the pension received from both ZUS (polish retirement institution) and Open Retirement Funds.

  • Online calculator computes cost (fees) of starting private case in Polish court.

  • Millionaire calculator
    Check when you save your first million

    Calculator simulates raising your first million by systematic saving.

  • Compound interest
    inflations↔rate of return

    Calculator forecasts future value of your money after applying inflation and/or rate of interest.

  • Work time
    How many hours, you will work in given period

    Calculator computes number of work hours in given period.

  • State pension age
    Check when you retire

    Calculator checks when you can retire.

  • Polish ZUS: rates and base
    ZUS: rates, contributions, insurance

    Polish ZUS rates with minimal tax base. Both current and archived (starting from 2007) rates are included.

  • UK: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP)
    UK: Mileage Allowance Payments in UK

    Calculator for mileage expenses (bussiness use of own car in UK). It calculates the "approved amount" that can be claimed tax-free by an employee for using their own car as business travel expenses.

  • Polish salary #4 (self-employment)
    self-emplyment in Poland↔B2B

    The take-home amount calculator for B2B (Business to business, invoice based) contract. If you work (or going to work) as contractor in Poland, then this calculator helps you to calculate how much you will earn as self-employed.

  • Table shows rates of polish "interest by law". Both current and historical data are presented, including latest division into interest for delay, capital and interest for delay in commercial (new act from 2016 year).

  • Table shows rates of polish "tax interest". Both current and historical data are included.

  • Polish retirement pension limits for IKE/IKZE
    polish retirement↔3rd pillar↔annual limits

    Table shows annual limits for polish individual retirement pension (IKE) and individual retirement protection (IKZE) accounts, which are both an elements of the voluntary 3rd pillar retirement pension system in Poland. Both actual and historical data are included.

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